Never touch a running system!

Have just seen this post again and be pleased to find that sometimes simple solutions are the best. (but not necessarily the nicest)
Once last year, I wanted to try my little cam which I have used extensively on my Elexsmaker a long time ago. I made a dirty and quick setup, with tape and a small hole for the lens. I only want to see if the camera angle could be used … Yesterday I made a new nail table and at the same time recalibrated my small camera. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t clean it anymore, it doesn’t look like me but to my defense it must be said that I also got really sick in 2019. Back to the headline, believe it or not, with the miserable lighting conditions and the wobbly lid from my K40 I still hit a point within 0.5-1mm precision. Pay special attention to my high tech lid holding system, I am considering getting it patented, but all friends here may use it for free. :hugs:
What I will say with all this, sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions and it works and you are happy then it is fine.
Never touch a running system!

:beers: Skål


And here I was … expecting to see an accident with a running system… lol

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