New 100W 900x600 red and black laser with topwisdom on its way... i'm a newbie

My laser should come this week, trying to get everything i need to get started experimenting asap. I have a few questions if people can help me, i’d appreciated it.

I have a chromebook… wasn’t successful at getting the Linux terminal to run the lightburn demo, so plan on buying an inexpensive windows laptop. Should i avoid Windows 10 if possible? i plan on getting a camera for the laser, and from what i’ve been reading here… windows 10 doesn’t allow high quality images currently? Should i try to get an older laptop with a prior windows version?

Which camera should i get for the my bed size? is the 160 degree a good option? i’m not sure how high the laser’s cover swings up yet to see if the minimum calculated distance is applicable or not, i definitely want to see the entire bed, but want to be able to zoom in… which brings me to my next question… are there 8mp cameras with autofocus? does lightburn support autofocus on cameras that have that ability? im planning on making a jig and hopefully engraving 20 items at a time, but they are of varying shapes and the heights can be slightly different as well… so i’m thinking having an autofocus and ability to zoom in and out will speed up the process of fitting the images on my substrate.


A recent Windows update added a bunch of permissions for camera access, but that’s been addressed for the next release.

That depends entirely on where you plan to mount it, and how precise you need it to be. The 160 needs to be mounted quite close to the bed, and the extreme viewing angle reduces the accuracy on the sides of the image. Ideally you want a narrower view, from directly above the center of the bed.

When you say, “but want to be able to zoom in” - Zoom and auto-focus are different. LightBurn supports cameras with autofocus, but requires a fixed zoom lens in order to calibrate correctly. You can zoom in and out in the workspace view in LightBurn, and that will zoom the captured camera view as well.

Thanks Oz, which camera will give me the highest resolution on a captured image that’s currently available for Windows 10?

We only have the 5mp cameras in stock. 8mp are going to be a while because of the lockdown in China over the virus.

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