New 20W fixed focus will not stop during until I cycle power. Using MacBook

I have tried restarting LightBurn and restarting the laser as well as deleting and re pairing the laser with the same results.

did you happen to hear a POP when you first started?

There’s been a rash of bad Ortur controller boards causing issues which sound like your problem.

Yes, It worked for a few then popped. It will still work, but now never shuts the laser off so all interconnecting lines of travel are also etched. I was hoping that since I received mine after the rash of motherboard issues, they would send me the fixed motherboard.

I think the failure of others has been, after the pop sound the laser will not turn off. it stays on any time the machine is powered up. Since yours turns on but not off I would think it is still a motherboard failure and you should contact Ortur for replacement.

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