New Brown-White laser machine!

Now I have finally bought myself a new laser and I am unpacking it and finding out what a beast it is.
My biggest concern was that I did not know how to get the machine down in my basement workshop, but it turned out not to be a problem at all. The machine is reasonably nice and of course has the flaws that such machines have the price taken into account. The lid itself does not fit 100% but I will probably get it fixed. I am disappointed with the light installed in the laser itself, but also here I can buy a LED light chain for little money.
I have not been able to test the laser itself yet but there is a LightBurn logo on the control panel, above the controller itself, which I assume is some Ruida controller.
I hope LightBurn will find my new laser, but once there is their logo on the machine it should not be a problem.
Is there anything else you think I should pay special attention to?

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Great work and loving the lighting upgrade.
Shouldn’t have a problem with static either but you may have a problem finding parts for the exhaust. :smiley:

…, you never know :zap:


no, now I only need a 3D printer to make an adapter for this extraction.

Make sure it’s big enough to fit yours, it looks rather large but best to check(measure twice…)

Very cool Bernd, I like it :smiley: