New button (or File-> menu item): Open new instance


I often use more than 1 instance of light burn at once. Often it’s just to open another project and copy something from it, other times because I (admitedly quite poorly) multitask multiple projects.

But the way Windows is setup, openning a new instance of lightburn require a lot of clicks and/or typing. And openning new instance is something I do… A LOT lately.

Would it be possible to add the possibility to add a new optional toolbar, which contain just a button that open a new lightburn instance?

I’m sure this is an extremely easy and quick feature to add, and if there was plugin system; I’d look at making one myself :slight_smile:

Thank you !

How are you doing this today?

The easiest method for creating another instance in Windows may be to hold shift key while clicking on the open LightBurn icon in taskbar.

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Oh! I did not know that. That solves my issue completely!

Thank you so much !

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