New Cable for OV5648 Camera?

Seems I didn’t secure the cable well enough and zapped it. I tried to find another online, I know it uses standard connectors, but so far, no luck. Any ideas?


Not sure why those are so incredibly difficult to find but check if these would work for you. If the wiring is not right you could pull the plugs on the JST side and relocate them.

Type A USB male Connector to 5-pin Connector Cable Harness (1 meter) | Electronics123

Usb A Male To Jst 5 Pin Custom Wire Harness Cable - Buy Usb To Jst,Usb To Jst Cable,Usb To Jst Wire Harness Product on

If you were inclined you could just buy a USB cable and JST connector and just make your own.

Alternatively, would repairing your existing cable be an option? solder and heat shrink can go a long way.

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So that’s what that connector is called! Thanks!

And yes, I ended up soldering it back together, but I’ll still replace the cable sooner or later. :slight_smile:

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