New Camera not any better

Hey Guys, I just bought another camera from Lightburn. This one is the 8mp.I went through the calibration and all is good. My question is…when I have something in my laser bed and want to zoom in on it why is it still blurry and not clear? I have a 5mp fisheye that I also got from Lightburn but both do the same thing. When Im zooming in I want it to be pretty dang clear but its not. I have a Glowforge laser also and it has a 5mp camera on it. Its mounted in the very center of the lid but the bed of the Glowforge is smaller than my other laser. Is there any way to make this ant clearer than it it? The camera is in focus fine but it`s when I zoom in that it does not stay that clear. Please Help

Hey Joseph,

can you share some screenshots of what exactly do you mean with this sentence?

Just by reading but not seeing your problem it sounds quite natural to me that any picture will get more blurry while heavily zoomed in.


How large is the working area of your laser?

Can you show a screen shot of what the camera preview looks like in LightBurn? (the raw preview, not the capture)

A 5mp camera has 2592 pixels across, so with a 700mm bed width, the most you get is about 3.7 pixels per mm of bed width, meaning if you zoom in on something relatively small, you’ll start to see the individual image dots.

It’s not supposed to be a microscope - it’s to allow you to align work, and it’ll do so with 1/2mm precision pretty easily if calibrated and aligned well.

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