New Camera Problem

I received the Lightburn camera yesterday, it is the 85 8MB camera. It’s plugged into my Windows 10 computer. I’ve read the issues others have had and mine is similar but it hasn’t been resolved. Trying to Calibrate the camera lens hasn’t worked yet because “the pattern not found”. I tried to install the driver that is suggested but Windows has determined that the installed driver is more current and doesn’t let me install the one I downloaded. The camera is not recognized as a Lightburn camera, it is a Win 4 something (forget the exact description).
Because it is a Lightburn camera, I eventually took the option of using the provided calibration and went on to “Calibrate Camera Alignment”. It actually works quite well when using the Overlay for lining things up. But I would still like to be able to Calibrate the Camera lens. Any suggestions?

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