New computer need a driver install?

Hi, can someone help?
I’ve downloaded lightburn onto my new computer. However I can’t get it to communicate with my Trocen controller. I think this is because I need to install a driver? I run Win10 on 64bit

Is there a link on lightburn for this purpose?

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There is an option to install the FTDI driver at the end of the LightBurn install. You can run that again and click that at the end of the process.

Hi Rick, thanks for your prompt reply.

I have tried this but made no difference.

So sorry Mark, I missed that you are using a Trocen controller. If you install LaserCAD, there’s an option with that to install the driver it uses. That should get LightBurn to see it.

Aha, Yes, I did wonder why I had LaserCAD on my old computer. That may explain it.

Thanks, I think that may well be the answer I was looking for.

Thanks again!

Yet again an instant solution.

Great software!

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