New CPU - License Issue: Activation limit for key has been reached

I renewed my DSP Lightburn license recently (May 9th) but today for some reason when I opened the program it gave me a popup saying my trial was ending soon (I was not using a trial). When I put in my existing license key, it gives me an error message saying “Activation limit for key has been reached” even though I’ve never used my license key on any other computer.

However, I did recently upgrade my CPU so if the Lightburn license is somehow tied to a unique CPU serial number or MAC address or something that would make sense.

How do I get my license to work again?


You can use the License Management Portal to remove any current seat allocated and then reassign as you’d like. The email used is different that the one you list here. Portal access will require your alteriusomega address. We ask that any future license related issues be addressed via our email support. We want to avoid sharing private information in public. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rick. I logged in to the license management and deleted one of the old activations. All good now!

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