New feature request, Speed test

I thought there was a section for feature requests but I can’t seem to find it. Move this if there is.

I’ve played with the focus test now for each of my lenses. It has helped me dial in my height gauges, Thanks!!

When cutting something, I have no issue with dialing in speed. Cutting is pretty strait forward for me.

I have just started to do engravings. It would be nice to have a test that allows me to see what my maximum speeds are for different DPI used to engrave. Basically, this comes down to finding out how fast the LPSU and laser can switch.

I know this has been discussed and there are ways to set up a test. But a sensible built-in test might be nice.


We’ve cleverly hidden it using words :slight_smile:

LOL, well there you go, I’m only partly crAzY

It’s ok - That’s a recent change, and it’s easy enough to overlook it.

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