New Feature Suggestion - Exhaust Fan Run Button

Many times I find it would be helpful to be able to turn the exhaust fan on before and or after a job. Could a button be created to turn the fan on and off? Is that a possibility?

I can’t speak to the feature request, but what I did was wire up a relay board to some latching switches so I can keep stuff on/off as I use it. Once ready to cut I push the buttons I need and then go send the job, then when I get there I push them again – Cutting it was a fun first project too:

Another method, not addressing the feature request, is to use wireless electrical outlet switch units. Small boxes that plug into an outlet, with an outlet on top and a number to match the remote control. The five units from one box control my tube fan (to prevent condensation), cooling unit, UV light, exhaust fan and nozzle air pump.

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One could also use the M7 and M8 commands, depending on the controller of course.
M9 would switch both off. (Works on GRBL LPC) and then you switch a relais which activates a plug.
I do this with air Assist even automatically from Lightburn on my MKS SBase.
You could use the Macro buttons for switching.

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