New GRBL Installation

Hello, I recently purchased a Chinese DIY laser and flashed ATMEGA328P with GRBL. When I run a job in Lightburn there is XY movement but the laser does not fire up. Also when I open Lightburn the laser flickers a few times. Can anyone please help me to fire up my laser. Thank you.

We would need more details to be able to help you.

I would suggest reading this:

and telling us more information about what kind of machine you have, what version of GRBL it has, what the result of $$ in console is, and how you have set up the device in LightBurn.

Lightburn automatically detected the device. I have flashed Grbl 1.1f using xloader hex file.

In Lightburn there is only one device- GRBL

The board is Arduino Nano and has ATMEGA328P chipset.

M3 does nothing. M4 also does nothing and a red light pops up on the board.

The $$ output:





































Uploaded Firmware 1.1e Master Release and manually created a GRBL-M3 Device. Still no luck. The laser does not power up.

Any help would be very nice. Thank you.

“The laser” is not terribly descriptive. Can you say what laser you have, and how it’s wired to the controller? (Which pins, for a start?)

You said it’s a Chinese DIY engraver - did it come with its own software and firmware, or was it always GRBL? Some older versions of GRBL used different pinouts by default, so the fact that it’s been flashed to a newer version might be the problem - if the original version used different pins, and you didn’t configure the newer version to match.

My bad its a 2W laser and its blue/violet. I think I’ll look up more info on configuring PINs. The software which came with it was Lite Fire Laser and it had a tab for GRBL.

So I have been on my system for a few hours now. I cant find latest info on how to swap pins d11 and d12 in cpu_map file.

#ifdef VARIABLE_SPINDLE // Z Limit pin and spindle enabled swapped to access hardware PWM on Pin 11.
#define Z_LIMIT_BIT 4 // Uno Digital Pin 12
#define Z_LIMIT_BIT 3 // Uno Digital Pin 11

Swapped 4 and 3 in the above lines. No luck.

      // If enabled, spindle direction pin now used as spindle enable, while PWM remains on D11.
      #define SPINDLE_ENABLE_BIT    5  // Uno Digital Pin 13 (NOTE: D13 can't be pulled-high input due to LED.)
      #define SPINDLE_ENABLE_BIT    3  // Uno Digital Pin 11
    #define SPINDLE_ENABLE_BIT    4  // Uno Digital Pin 12

Swapped 4 and 3 in the above lines. No luck.

On GRBL github the info is dated. There is no config.h in newer versions.

To do so, just edit the config.h file in the Arduino library path for Grbl, comment out the #define VARIABLE_SPINDLE line, and recompile and flash. If you want laser and variable spindle support on these cheap clone boards, there are several solutions on how to alter the boards, like soldering jumper wires, but this isn’t the place for questions about this. Simply search the web. There are plenty of solutions and prior issues threads that have already answered this question in great depth and detail.

Anyone help please?

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