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Hello Everyone,

I have been trying to find out if Lightburn is compatible with any 3D printer controllers. I have a Prusa MK3 that I use for printing that I believe runs Marlin/Prusa firmware. This printer bed be can be moved around when running LaserWeb4 but not when runinning Lightburn. USB interface at 115200. I want to buy and convert an Anet A8 Plus NEW 3D printer to convert to laser engrave only but I cannot seem to find if the Lightburn will work for this printers v1.7/v2.0 controller board and Marlin? firmware. I want to use the Jtech 4.2W blue laser kit ( for this with their laser interface board.

Can anyone offer any insight to this somewhat confusing machine/software compatibility?


LightBurn has been tested to work with Marlin 1.1.9. Marlin is not very well suited for laser use though - if you plan to use it exclusively for laser engraving I’d suggest switching it to GRBL if that’s possible. The GCode is much less verbose, so the throughput for engraving is better, and it supports velocity ramping of power, which makes for less edge and corner burning.

Regarding the Prusa, if it runs Marlin LightBurn should be able to talk to it. The default baud rate is 250000, so you might need to change that in the device settings, and there may be other configuration required, but start there.

It seems both the LightBurn and the LaserWeb4 prefer the GRBL firmware driven controllers. I will have to look into the Anet A8 controller and see if it can be reloaded with a GRBL type firmware.

The Prusa seems to move with the LaserWeb4 but thats about it thus far until I get into the software. The Prusa is fixed a 115200 I think. Too bad the LightBurn can’t be configured for other com rates.

There is a growing market out there for converting an inexpensive 3D printer to a laser engraver. Too bad these software programs don’t work easily with them.

If anyone has additional insight into what I am attempting I would appreciate your input.


You need to read Oz’s response more carefully. You can change the baud rate. At the top of the Lightburn window go to Edit>Device Settings. You’ll see the window below pop up. In the lower right corner, you can choose 115,200 from the selection box.

I checked the price of the printer you want to buy and convert to a laser engraver. For even money, you can buy a purpose built machine instead of converting one yourself. I think you’ll have a much better experience buying a machine that is ready to go.


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The Anet is the 3D Printer that already burns your house down, and you wants to add a laser to it.

Honestly I’m not sure whether I should discourage this or start selling homeowners insurance.

Get a purpose built diode laser as Isaac suggests. I’m not a huge fan of them, but a number of people here do use an like them, and it won’t be worse than what you’re thinking of doing.


Im running a Rambo board with Marlin 2.0 on an MPCNC machine with an Endurance 10w laser. I had to correct code in the firmware for 2.0 (documented in the v1Engineering forum.) Works well. Might convert it to a C02 laser down the road.

Oz, Sorry I didn’t catch that config info for the LightBurn setup. It seems to be moving the Prusa MK3 bed so far.

raykholo, Thanks for the feedback on the Anet printer. I am aware of the problem with the A8 and others in the past. I have looked at the Anet A8 Plus printer due to its 300 x 300 x 350z size area, low cost and new features. The work area is needed for what we plan to use it for when a normal engraving unit is designed for flat goods and items under a few inches. They claim its updated wiring and controller has resolved earlier problems. The 3D filament extruder and heated bed will not be used. Looking at the Jtech 4.2W blue laser kit ( for this unit with their laser interface board. I will post for more help soon I am sure.

Seani, I will look forward to more of your input as I progress. Are you happy with the Endurance 10w laser?

Thanks to you all,

Had some time to play. When I create a small square object to cut on screen I have noticed that the position of that object on screen is not at the same head position on the table when the start button is pressed. I have setup the table size.

I am also getting “Unknown G code: G21 G54” on the console screen.

It’s possible that Marlin doesn’t support the G54 command (select workspace 0).

Regarding the start position, you should read here to make sure you understand how it’s supposed to work first:

Then let me know if it’s not doing that. :slight_smile:

It’s possible G54 is not recognized.

It’s like it doesn’t know the actual table size. If I use the laser position indicator on the screen work area and click on the right rear corner the head does not go to that furthest corner physically.

It’s like the screen table scale and the machine bed scale don’t match even though the grid screen numbers look correct.

LightBurn does not support negative workspace coordinates, so if your origin is at the center of the machine that would be a problem, or you might not have the axis scales set up properly. The console window can be used to manually enter GCode commands - you might have to jog the controller to the front left and then use G92 X0 Y0 to reset the origin.

When I home the XY for some reason the Z tries to home as well. I then need to turn off the unit so the Z won’t crash.

My bed 0,0 is front left and the bed is x (x)190 x (y) 180. When I drive the head to the right rear corner (x)190 x (y) 180 by using the SET LASER position tool on the screen grid the head goes about 2" too short in both the x and y.

LightBurn just issues “home” as a command. It’s usually the machine config that dictates which axis are homed.

For the movement command running short, have you ever calibrated the axis lengths in the machine? LightBurn will just be issuing a G0 command to the coordinate indicated. If the machine doesn’t go there it’s likely that the step lengths aren’t correctly set.

The Z axis is turned off in LB but that must just be for the manual control movements. An independent axis HOME would be nice like LaserWed4 has.

This 3D Prusa MK3 printer has been used several years now without the need to configure any axis steps and it prints to ±.005" tolerance. Are steps able to be configured in LB? I did send G92 X0 Y0 via the console but it seems not to correct the problem. Is there a way to change the Z axis HOME direction to move to the vertical TOP side of the Z instead of dropping to the table?

Thanks for all your help! I really do appreciate your effort here.