New idiot needs help

I am still mystified by the alarm error I get when I when movement starts, or homing is started and one of the limit switches is active. GRBL tells me to enter $X and $H to reset. But it just locks up lightburn.
Only way I found to reset is to shut down LB and restart.
I am using a ACRO 1010 machine with the spark concepts ver 4 cnc driver/controller board, and straight GRBL.
I have tried the reset button on the controller board, executing $X|$H. I do not see or can not find a connect/reconnect spot in LB.

I know I’m old, must be getting blind too.

What is the Alarm # it gives you? Do you have endstops connected?

Will have to recheck the actual alarm #.
Yes I have Limit/Home switches on the X and the Y axis. I only get the error if a home command or a move command is issued and one of the switches is activated.
I have far travel limit switches installed just incase it tries to over travel, but they are NOT connected yet.
If I issue a home command, it works normally provided neither switch is activated.
I would think it would see the switch as ACTIVE and move away from it first.
I will check the alarm code and let you know.

Not sure what was causing my issue, but did not happen tonight when I was finishing things up.
I did notice when I power up lightburn, it does auto connect, I see on the console that it has issues a home command, but the gantry never moves. It will home properly if I manually select home.
I am running lightburn on an old windows 7 Acer laptop. I am thinking computer horse power may be some of my issue.