New Install of lightburn cannot find Fiber Laser

I have been using lightburn with my fiber laser and my laptop.

I am setting up a dedicated PC for this laser and installed Lightburn (had a very old version pre-existing) I did choose to install Fiber Laser Driver when installing

After activating liscense I am not able to “Find” my fiber laser. Further more If I try to create it manually I do not see JCZ in the list.

The question is, what version are you running on the computer that is working, and did you ever actually purchase the Galvo license? There was a bug in the initial release of Galvo support that allowed some machines to keep working after the free trial of Galvo support was up. That bug was fixed in 1.2.02 and later versions. I’d suspect you are running the initial release on your machine that is working, and upgraded to 1.2.04 on your machine you are trying to configure now.

If you purchase the Galvo License, it will be added to your existing key, and your new machine will be able to configure JCCZ devices.

I did indeed purchase it when it was released

i am logged into the Lightburn Liscense portal. Not sure if there is anywhere i can see this purchase for confirmation. Im sure i have the email somewhere

Your best bet is to e-mail with your license key and have them verify on their end.

i have and it appears what i purchased on release of the fiber software was not correct. Thank you for your help

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