New install problems that seem to have FB groups stumped

Good morning. I have been trying to get Lightburn trial to “find my laser” for several hours. I have been on several laser Facebook groups looking for answers but so far everyone is stumped.

Windows 11/ JPT MOPA 100w galvo

Install goes perfectly. The easyCAD driver tick box is ticked and the dialog shows BJJCZ loaded and ready
Cable is attached to laser. I have tried my original cable and a new cable just to be sure
My laser is powered on and is stable and working
Lightburn opens (trial mode)
In Devices dialog box > Find my laser > click next
A small dialog flashed for a few seconds and the list is blank. No laser to choose.
I have tried manually adding a JCZFiber machine and imported params but the device is “disconnected” and does not affect my laser in any way (no marking, no frame, etc)
I do not have any old drivers from easyCAD in my device manager.
BJJCZ is in device manager but has a yellow warning sign.
I’ve deleted easyCAD from my program folder but it doesn’t appear in ADD/REMOVE programs so i assume it runs directly off the exe file. It’s been awhile, I really don’t remember the install process.

Device Mngr

Did you install the EzCad2 driver at the end of the LightBurn installation? If so, you may need to do the Zadig driver swap method.

More information about those here:
Galvo Installation - LightBurn Software Documentation

Thank you so much… that has LB showing “ready”. Big weight lifted!!!

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