New K40 Help getting started

Thank you in advance for all the help when I had my diode laser. I just got a k40 and set it up. I’ve installed a mA meter as suggested. Are there any guides on getting started? Settings, tests? I was playing around with the machine trying to make sure x & y move. I feel like it doesn’t move to where ever I have the pointer and lole gets stuck or something. Any ideas as to possibly why and what I could do to fix?

You say,

but you do not identify what controller and firmware you are using. You also have not identified what ‘Device Profile’ you have selected in LightBurn nor any of your current settings. This makes it difficult to provide you anything of value in response to your question.

@Rick My apologies

Cohesion board
Profile: smoothieware

So when I installed the cohesion board i put the pin in the x instead of the y. Now the machine moves left to right but not front to back. As far as settings I haven’t tried anything yet since I was trying to make sure it moved properly before actually firing it. But please let me know what to look up and I will. This is new territory and is different than the diode I had lol.

I followed this site to install the board

My installation was based off the second wiring display

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