New laptop MacBook vs Windows

I am in need of a new laptop. I have always wanted to get a MacBook but was always concerned about compatibility.
Is there any reason why I should NOT get a Mackbook.
I am currently working with Lightburn on a Xtool D1.

I am also working my designs through Corel X
Your advise is greatly appreciated

I’ll limit my response to reasons related to lasering in general and LightBurn in specific, not to overall reasons whether or not you’d want to go for a MacBook.

The primary issues would be related to connectivity:

  1. New MacBooks come with 2 USB-C style Thunderbolt ports. The number of ports may be limiting depending on your needs. The port type would necessitate adapters or special cables to work with D1 and most other lasers that have a USB Type-B connector. How big an issue this is for you is your call. In itself, this doesn’t pose a compatibility problem. However, low quality or just incompatible adapters can sometimes make connections difficult. This becomes more true when you introduce cameras into the conversation.
  2. There is a known issue with Macs and USB connectivity to Ruida controllers. It’s uncertain what’s causing this but is nevertheless a lingering issue. This becomes a non-issue if using LightBurn Bridge but that’s an added cost. Or you may never have need for this scenario.
  3. No ethernet ports… this requires yet again an adapter and the potential issues listed above if ethernet is something you may need. This would be a common scenario for DSP controllers like Ruida.

As far as core LightBurn functionality Macs have feature parity with other builds so no issue there. You could argue that some of the keyboard shortcuts don’t feel as “native” as other programs but to me not a huge issue.

LightBurn doesn’t really take much advantage of multi-touch interfaces. This is true on other platforms as well but to me is more impactful on Mac where it’s a more integral way of using the computer and when people are less likely to have external mice.

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Thank you… I am going to look at some surface models today.

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