New laptop windows 11 not saving

I’ve been using lightburn in windows 10 for close to a year and I love it. I recently bought a new laptop that’s going to be dedicated to just my laser. It has windows 11. The problem I’m having is when I create a new folder and make a new design it’s not saving it. I created a bunch of ornaments for a customer. Clicked new and made it her name. Then click on the design and click “Import graphic from project”. It puts it there and it stays until I turn my computer off. If I come back the next day it’s all gone. I’ve done it this way since I started using lightburn on my old laptop and I’ve never had a problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I went thru my other laptop with windows 10 and compared my settings side by side and everything appears to be the same. Any help on this?

It sounds like you’re trying to save graphics in an Art Library- is that correct? Make sure you are saving your Art Library file to a location you are allowed to save to (and not a root drive), and saving it locally- ie, not to Cloud Storage (this can sometimes cause issues).

Do you have any anti-virus software on your PC? Something may be interfering with LightBurn’s ability to save and store preferences- try whitelisting LightBurn or turning it off. Try right-clicking LightBurn and selecting ‘Run as administrator’. You may also need to check your Windows settings to grant LightBurn necessary permissions:

Thank you. That was the problem.
For anyone like me that’s NOT computer savvy. Right click on your folder that you keep your libraries in. Then click “Always keep on this device”