New Laser Machine (replaced old one); Amperage Seems Higher Than Expected

I just got my new Unique CNC 150w (Reci W6 Laser Tube) 900 x 600 machine (with the Ruida RDC6445G Controller) up and running.

This machine was equipped with a ZYE Laser PSU (MYJG150W) having a built in digital display and ammeter.

Running some initial tests (and I have checked controller settings etc), I am finding that at only 65% power setting, the laser tube is drawing 29mA.

Reci state: "the working current: test current is 32mA. Maximum working current is 32mA. The running current must be kept below 30mA. The life span can reach 10,000 hours if the current is kept below 28mA.

So according to the tube test at 150W (at 32mA) I would expect that 28mA to be more likely a power setting upward of 87.5%.


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