New Layer Features

I really like the new layer features incorporated into the latest version 0.9.13. I like the numbers on the colors and also the ability to name a layer that sticks with the job, not the default name! I’m looking forward to using the improved snapping features as well.

Oops I was wrong about re-naming a layer and not becoming the new default name. Wish it would stick with the job, not the default.

OK, that clears it up, thanks! One other thing I noticed is the “Save” icon acts as a “Save As” function, asking for the file name each time.

Does it do this when you ‘Open’ a LightBurn project file, or only when you Import? If you save, then change, and save again, it should remember the name and no longer prompt. If you import new art, it will ask for a new name.

You are right, it asked when importing. My mistake.

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