New license and old license

Hi, looking at getting an upgrade to my lasering. Currently have an Ortur LM2P. I purchased the LB version for it. Looking at OMtech 80W, comes with a new license (as I now realize it will be required for the controller I’m going to be using).

If I keep my Ortur, can I run both types of Lasers from the same Lightburn that I will soon get? Is it just a license entry and it automatically allows me to update the latest version in whatever I need for both types of systems? Would assume so as I’d think the more expensive license is just for bigger business, lower license is to help out hobbyists just starting.

Unless you have a specific reason to get a separate license I’d suggest just upgrading your current license.

You can add DSP to your current license:
LightBurn Software - Add DSP devices to existing license

This would not require you to install anything or type in a new key. When your software phones home it will recognize that it’s now licensed for DSP and make it available to you.

Yes. Simply add the new device by pushing “Devices” button in Laser window. Note that you can have any number of device configured in your single LightBurn installation.

The new license just comes with the machine I’m looking into. Thanks for the info

Ah. K. You may want to see if you can get a discount by not including it. If you can get a larger discount than the difference in upgrade cost then might be worthwhile.

In any case, I believe you can change license by simply going to Help->License Management, then deactivating your current license and activating the new license. DSP includes g-code functionality so will cover your existing laser.

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As ever thank you for the help. How do you get so knowledgeable on everything?

Haha. My secret is to have run into these issues first myself. Apparently that’s all it takes. I had some early confusion about how exactly the licensing worked so spent some time getting acquainted with it. So if I can make that easier for the next guy then I’m going to do that.