New Lightburn Layers and Library

Great new feature but I have found it cumbersome without 1 other feature to it.

I think this would happen more with galvo lasers than diode or CO2 but it would be nice to be able to store in the library (or alternate raw library) the single operation parameters and then be able to assign that from the library to “Add sub Layer to current layer”.

The operation I ran into having to open the library, write everything down and then manually assign to an operation layer was a deep engrave with 2 different colors and 4 operations. If my raw library had “Deep engrave”, “Cleanup”,“White Mark”,“Black Mark” and anneal for example. I could do the following without pen and paper.
Make a “working” library for deep engrave with a sublayer for cleanup. Assign this to a working layer Black layer 00 and Blue layer 01. The open my “raw or single operation” library select “White Mark” and add to sub layer of black 00, select Black Mark and add to sub layer of Blue 01, select Anneal and add to sub layer of both black 00 and blue 01.
I know its all new but I found myself having to write out my library of settings so I had a manual reference to what Lightburn already knew so I could setup the parameters.

I would assume in library entry creation the opposite would also be helpful, create new from sub layer.

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