New Lightburn user. Need Help

Hey there Light Burn users!

I have a general question. Having some trouble. We just bought a fancy awesome boss laser. However switching over from inkscape to Lightburn were encountering some growing pains.

Our issues are as follows.

  1. Inkscape uses SVG which gave us the clearest and most detailed lines. With Lightburn we are no longer able to do so. What is the suggested best file type for clarity?

  2. Transferring from a PDF has yielded the image to change drastically from our edit on inkscape. How do we prevent this and have the same image from inkscape transfer to Lightburn?

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-Chris and Dan

AI and SVG are the best file types to use with LightBurn for general content. PDF works fairly well, but has a larger range of internal image formats, and the documentation isn’t great so they’re harder to support.

You said, “with LightBurn we are no longer able to do so” - Why is this? LightBurn supports SVG files, so I don’t understand why you feel you can’t use them any more.

In general, if you’re posting a question describing visual issues, including a picture of those issues helps a great deal, or at least describe what the problem is, instead of saying “there is a problem”.

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