New Lightburn user with mini gerbil K40

I’m a k40 user that just upgraded to mini gerbil and lightburn. Prior to the upgrade I was using the nano board and K40 whisperer.

After installing the hardware and software I’m struggling a bit to get the settings down. I’ve watched all of the lightburn tutorial videos and still need a little help. First off, the laser head moves way faster than what I’m used to with the nano board. With the nano I would typically do a raster/fill at 200 speed and 15% power. With the new setup and same settings everything moves much quicker.

I’m still trying to get my head around all of the settings. I love the ability to move the laser around and cut on the fly. I’ll pick up a camera next. But for now I’ll keep playing.

The 32 bit miniGerbil board can process things much faster than the nano. What is most likely the culprit here is that the miniGerbil has the acceleration settings set much higher than the M2 nano board, so it actually is really getting up to 200mm/s where the nano was probably only really achieving around 150mm/s. The best thing to do is experiment and create yourself a chart of new settings that accurately reflect the new controllers capabilities. Your old settings are only a rough guess starting point now.

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Thanks I guess that would make sense. I didn’t think about it being a faster processor.

I really love the workflow being able to do most everything right in the software instead of using inkscape.


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