New Lightburn Version .19 fails to load

After 31 errors while trying to load the new version, we both gave up and .18 starts up.
Even install as administrator, everything off, 3 attempts. No Go !
I even re downloaded it. I notice the file size is smaller than previous versions . Is this correct?
Also checked AV and nothing bothering it.

Strangely enough, one small Microslop update and a reboot and the new version loaded flawlessly.
Very strange.

If this happens, including what the errors were is quite helpful. Telling me “there were errors” doesn’t give me any information as to why you got them or what might’ve caused them.

That said, Windows Updates are bizarre - I’ve seen numerous cases where a Windows Update ran, but the computer was not rebooted, and all manner of things were left in strange states and didn’t work. Rebooting solved it all.

Trying to remember,

First was error in trying to close “applications” in which everything was closed, then many attempts finally started to load, then:
Errors with .dll’s, one after another to no end and different ones after retries…… I finally gave up and did the wondoz update which was a very small file update and restarted.

The software at that point loaded without interruptions.

Yes… bizarre

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