New machine and controller what do I check?

I recently switched to a k40 with button power settings and added the cohesion3d controller. I am running off a windows 10 64 bit 8gb of ram laptop. I have no clue what firmware I am running. other than the cohesion controller the only other thing I’ve done is add a ma meter.

I know enough to understand that different machines and different controllers are going to require different settings . with that said, where should I begin making my settings adjustements? Not speaking about power and speed in the cut/layers window.

with so many different variables between machines, pc and controller. I assume that what one persons set up is to the next will vary a bit.

Start with size and calibration of your X and Y axes.

Get the CNC bit working first, especially the end stops and stepper calibration.

Any advice on where I can find the correct settings? Or do these k40 turds all have various settings?

The settings are in a file called config.txt on the SD card in the controller. You’ll need to power it down, put the SD card in the PC, edit the file, put it back in the controller, and power back up.

The most common things that need tweaking are motor currents (the C3D ships with them set fairly conservatively) and acceleration settings. All the config options for Smoothieware are documented here:

I need to check and change all those??

Not unless you have a specific problem that needs addressing, no.

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If you intend using Smoothieware to its full, it’s worth reading the docs.

Most settings are left to default, but you will need to identify and test your end stops, calibrate your axes, check and test your switches and power control.

If you’re going to retain the power dial from the OEM K40 (I recommend to do so) you will need to ascertain the correct operation. If wired incorrectly and you turn it to full (as you should be able to do if correctly set up) you can pump way too many amps and have a tube life measured in single hours.

Again, worth reading docs and tutorials of exactly what you are attempting - smoothie board in a K40.