New Offset Fill function not working correctly

When I use the new Offset Fill feature in Lightburn, it does not remove all the material, see attached picture. I am always left with a line, can anyone help please?

You need to alter the min_pwm setting in the Smoothieware config file to be just below the firing threshold of the tube, instead of zero. When the controller reaches the end of a loop and slows down before moving to the next, you’re likely dropping below the firing threshold of the tube.

I will also say that Offset Fill is really intended to speed up large open areas, not general use.

Thank you Oz for such a prompt reply, will take your advise and see how it goes.

I’m curious what this material is that you have pictured. Do you know what plastic it is made of?

Hi Jeff

The material is just a piece of 3mm mirror acrylic, but I know what you mean as it looks strange in the photo.

Thanks for the info. Yes, the photo had me concerned especially the one showing the yellowish brown burn. That color is similar to how PVC burns in a laser (and you don’t want to be processing that stuff).

I’m glad that it’s acrylic.

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