New Orion Motor Tech 60 W laser

Mac OS Catalina. Setting up laser, electric supply upgrade, exhaust air, water, etc.
Laser has RD software. Should I delete and load LightBurn?
I have a purchased copy. Should I do the basic set up following the Orion procedure? Then change it to LightBurn?


Just don’t bother with RDW.

Lightburn right from the start. There’s nothing in the setup of your machine that requires RDW.


What machine do you have? I can send you my materials library to get you started if it’s close in power.



Couldn’t afford an American Made. The reviews on the Orion units are quite favorable for the most part.

I have the Blue and Black 60W updated version. I understand they are 50W in reality. Have everything ready except the water set-up. Will need a chiller

I am certain but I will see if I can make some money first. Lol

Can load LightBurn from my Mac, right?

If your materials library is compatible that would be great!

Thanks again,


The library will be fast, for you, but it gives you a ballpark.

Halve every speed and you should be close.

Take the .txt off the end.

shared.library.clb.txt (200.9 KB)

And yes, I only use Mac.

EDIT: The plywood 2.4mm settings have a mistake - they have an offset in them. You need to set it to 0.

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