New pc install pref every time i open lightburn

Every time I open Lightburn I have to reload preferences? I’m sorry if this has been covered but I couldn’t find any previous topics covering this.

sorry, This is a new laptop and I tried to move my info over but it didnt work

Can you elaborate in what way it didn’t work? As in you got an error message or something else?

How did you go about doing this?

every time I start lightburn, The (your device list window) opens with it, If I choose not to load a preference file, The (device setup required window) pops up. If I choose not to load pref file, Lightburn runs without none of my settings loaded. If I load the pref file in the device list window with (atezrp20 pref file) It runs with the correct settings , but none of my other settings are loaded. Like grid spacing, or diode setting, or mm to inches… then… after loading the pref file. make all my settings and run a burn. I close the program like usual then, when i open it again, I have to do it all over. like it has never been used.

Okay. Do this.

  1. On old computer go to File->Export prefs. Save to a file.
  2. Copy file to new computer
  3. On new computer, complete device setup if prompted. If device is already setup go to File->Import prefs and select the file

That should allow you to retain all previous settings.

it took me some figuring out but it worked, Thank you!

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