New power supply and now problems

I turned on my laser with a Rudia controller and had no power to the tube. Had power to laser tube power supply but not working. Replaced with different supply an things seemed to work. Went to print this graphic shown below which I have printed 100’s or times before but it turned out as an all black image on the wood. The lightburn software shows it in the preview window correctly but it turns out all black. If I change from fill to line it does the actual image but no fill in the lettering or arrow graphic and burn marks as it travels to different postions. I haven’t been keeping up on things in the forum but hope this is some setting that got changed somewhere, but have no idea where to look

this is how it should look


Sorry about the upside down pic.

Hate to ask, but did you take a pic of the original power supply before you disconnected it? Or was it a plug swap? Are the connections in the same order?

It was plug and swap… everything was labeled the same on both power supply’s and connectors used same plugs

Well, there went the simple answer. Crazy question, did you hot wire the old power supply controller input to verify it was the power supply?

All I did was verify that it had 110 volts getting to it and there was no lights or fan. Put the other supply on and have lights and fan.

Okay. I have a wiring diagram on my Google page to hot wire a power supply. It’s used like the manual controls the K40’s and such use, and a lot of guys that don’t have Ruida controllers use it instead of the Android app for testing. Mod Pics

If you have the plug from the new one, you short the WP and ground, then put a momentary switch between the ground and the L. That feeds a full 5V to the power supply as if the controller was giving it 100%. If that doesn’t light the tube with either power supply, you have a bad tube. If it lights it up but the controller doesn’t. Then it’s the controller or the wire between the controller and the power supply.

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