New problem...[SOLVED] (Broken TTL wire)

I have a new problem that popped up yesterday. Nothing changed in the setup that I know of.

Setup is Lasermaster 2, laser controller in lightburn software is set to GRBL. This has been working flawlessly for the last 9 month.

What is happening is when I press the start button the laser turns on at the cut setting power level then starts it’s rapid to the starting point of the job. It then turns the laser off part way to the start point. It does not matter where the start point is eg. home or opposite corner. The rest of the job runs as intended.

I’ve tried putting an M5 in the start gcode section and that did not help.

Not sure where to go from here.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

I’ve been doing more testing.
If I put my project close to the origin. the laser does not turn off between cuts and also fires at 100% power. If I move the same item farther away, making a longer initial traverse, the laser will turn off during the traverse and then the cut goes as planned (Laser off between cuts and at reduced power as called for in the cut settings).

Sorry to have wasted anybody’s time, but I found the problem.

It was an intermittent break in the TTL wire inside the cable chain.

Perhaps this can still help somebody, or the Moderators can feel free to delete this topic.

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Thank you for posting the solution - we’ll leave it here for anyone who might follow behind you, as it’s a good reminder that there are plenty of things that aren’t the software’s fault. :slight_smile: