New revision Issues (Light Burn)

So the new revision 0.9.24 of Light Burn arrived was available for download, so I did. Now the laser will not burn, even at 100%. And there is no longer a continuous jog function? Thank God I still had 0.9.23 on my other laptop so I can at least still operate. Anyone else have this issue with 0.9.24?

No, we have roughly 60,000 users at this point, so when an update breaks something they tend to inform us about it loudly and in unison.

Usually it is a coincidence, where a machine of questionable build quality has stopped working, and the latest LightBurn update gets blamed for it.

What more details can you provide us to narrow down the root of the issue? Are you actually saying that 0.9.23 fires the laser, while 0.9.24 does not? If this is on different computers I would suggest comparing settings between the two, and narrowing the issue down by installing 0.9.23 on the affected computer to know for sure.

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