New Ruida 6442s install

I just changed out the Topwisdom controller for Ruida 6442s. But now my circles cut like ovals and my squares cut like a rectangle (when using RD Works.) I also cannot set my bed size. I tried to connect Lightburn to it, but it doesn’t even recognize it…it stays blank when ;looking for the machine. Is there anywhere that I can get the parameters to enter to run the program correctly? if that’s the problem. I’m assuming Lightburn is compatible with this controller

Edit > Machine Settings, then scroll down to the vendor settings area. X and Y config include values for step size that will be what you need to adjust for scale, and the max travel values are the size.

LightBurn is compatible with the 6442, but it won’t find it if RDWorks is running. You might also need to install the FTDI driver (an option given when you install LightBurn)

thanks, got it going. Now the problem is the x axis runs to the far left when the machine is turned on and keeps trying to go right with no room to go anywhere. Is that a software issue? machine setting? I have the origin set to the top right, which is where it needs to be so I assumed the laser would automatically home to the top left.

The origin setting in the software is just telling LightBurn where the controller origin is. The controller itself has no idea which direction the motors need to turn in order to send the head to the correct corner.

The controller has direction settings for the X and Y motors - change the X direction polarity to reverse the direction of the motor (or just swap two of the motor wires from the driver), and make sure you have the limit switches wired to XLmt- and YLmt- as those are the origin ones.

Changed the polarity for the x axis - thanks- that worked. However, it only now when i send a job to the machine, the job comes out correctly i RD Works. However, in Lightburn, my camera is inverts the picture it takes as well as the end result of the cut on the wood. The file also appears inverted on the controller.

That means you have to go change the origin point in the Device Settings in LightBurn to match the origin of the controller. You likely have it set differently in RDWorks and LightBurn - that setting is to tell the software how to orient the job, so it’s per-application.

For the camera, you’ll need to re-run the alignment job and re-tag the markers. When you ran it the first time, they were backwards, so it’s trying to correct a reversed camera image.

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