New snap behavior question

Thanks for the killer update!!!

I am having problems when the snap function (or don’t understand the true functionality of it); I am trying to use the snap function to eliminate having two lines, and so that it will only cut once. Right now it snaps to items together, but they don’t overlap. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

It doesn’t remove anything - it just snaps nodes or objects to other nodes or objects.

What do you mean by “it snaps them together but they don’t overlap”?

This might be bit of confusion with how it works. When you start dragging something, the start point also has to be a snap point if you want that placed perfectly with something else.

For example, if you have a square, when you’re in selection mode, you’ll see the cursor change to one of the snap indicators when you’re over a node, the center of a line, or the center of an object. When you can see that cursor change, if you grab the object then, the starting point has also snapped.

If you don’t do that, you could be snapping just a grid point or arbitrary point along a line to the destination snap, which isn’t what you likely want.

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Thanks for the quick response - seriously great service.

I think this was my misunderstanding of the use of the function. I thought it would/could be used to combine/share object boarders to allow for fewer cuts.

Thanks again for the quick response!

Nope - for that, go to Optimization Settings and enable “remove overlapping lines”. They have to be close to a perfect match for it to work, for now. We’ll be improving it to remove partial matches soon.

Exactly the explanation i was after.

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