New to laser engraving need advice

I would like to know the benefit of the camera. And possibly if there is any other Accessories that are beneficial i might need 2 look at.

I think a camera is a must have. It allows precise locating of jobs and cuts waste by at least 75% maybe more. It has been a game changer for me. It also lets you get rid of that inaccurate red dot pointer.
The other things I added was an analog Ma meter and additional lenses in different focal points

I dont have a camera yet, but being able to put a item in your laser in any position at any angle means you dont have to have it perfect or square and then use the pointer to see if your in the sweet spot.

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Makes total since I have used a cricut maker 4 years self taught via mostly YouTube. More options but pretty much the same concept. Although cricut has a built n cam and you use a cutting mat so you know exactly where its gonna go already

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