New to Laser/Lightburn and question about licences for our Makerspace Members

Greetings - Our Makerspace has just installed A 1060 100 watt laser, and we are just getting into it. One member bought Lightburn to get a jump on things, and this ‘Laser Stuff’ is the greatest thing sing sliced bread! My question is - How do we get the ‘Makerspace Licences’ for our members?

Shuswap Pat

The best way to follow up on this would be email support directly.

Welcome and thank you for supporting LightBurn. Yes, we do offer special MakerSpace and Educational pricing and licensing. Send an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and reference this post. We can help get you sorted there.

Thanks - I will follow up.

Responded via email to your ticket. :wink:

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