New to lasers a few of my starter creations

Hi my first post on the forum , I have had my ortur 20w for a little over a week and Iโ€™m really having fun here are a few of my creations so far

finding the forum very helpful so thanks guys :+1:t3:

Very nice work.

It looks great, congratulations!
Wonโ€™t you be so kind and add your settings to your work so others can gather from the good experience?


Can you tell us more about what that material is and your process?

yes i too think you have done a great job on these and would love to know more about how you achieved this

Hi guys ok so the hulk image was on 150x 150 white ceramic tile, the first layer was meddow green acrylic spray paint I got from The Range i lightly sprayed a first coat and then the second coat 10 minutes later and left to dry for a couple of hours then applied rustoleum Black gloss spray in 2 light coats and left to dry over night. I have an ortur 20w master 2 and my settings were 3000 mm/m and 32% power burn time was 1h 48 mins.

The second image was again white ceramic tile 360x 275mm this time just 2 coats of rustoleum black gloss left to dry over night. settings were 2700 mm/m 29.5% power. Run time was 7h28 mins
Both images were HD and I used DaBig Gimpin script in Gimp to process. Instructions for this can be found on you tube. All settings in Lightburn left as default and burnt using the Jarvis method at 400DPI

As a side note I used Acetone and a microfibre cloth to clean the tiles first