New To Light Burn having problems

HI Everyone i would love some help

i am new to LightBurn and received my machine yesterday the man came out to install , i am trying to fill in a name or wording or even cut out, on my machine and when i press start it saying its going but the laser is actually not moving , then when i go to do a line of the wording that will work , is there a setting on my machine that maybe isn’t turned on or .

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new laser.
To get started, I would recommend you to go to “Docs” up in the menu list here and find this section which is about getting to know LightBurn and about starting up your machine. It is very well written and is perfectly sublimated with some nice videos.
You must be careful to indicate which machine you have in your profile under the settings of your account here in the forum, otherwise it is almost impossible to provide help.

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