New to Lightburn- Library Question

Hi. I’m very new to Lightburn and working with it today. I am trying to load some material into the library. I am able to pull up the library menu, but it does not allow me to do anything when I try and click new. If I select load, save, or save as, it will pull up the computer info as to where to save or load from. Everything else is grey on the library menu. I have watched some tutorials and I see the screen on them is different than mine. I do not have a library and laser tab at the bottom. I feel like it is something simple, but have worked on it and cannot seem to figure it out. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

You don’t create new layer settings within the Library. You create new library entries from cut settings. So first create an object in workspace and assign to a layer, modify the cut settings for that layer, and then create a new material entry from that layer.

You can add these windows by making sure they are checked in the Windows menu.

I encourage you to review the LightBurn documentation as it’s quite rich with information and covers these points.

Material Library - LightBurn Software Documentation

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