New to this and having fun

Just a couple i played with came out really good

Very nice :+1: Thank you for sharing!

Nice work they look very good.

I really like the humming bird…

Hey and welcome,
Would you please send your settings with your pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I also love birds, flowers and kids but I’m most interested in “how it works”. It is also easier to give good advice or to learn something from you.
In the Night Stalkers picture, there is definitely potential for improvement - (unless it should look the way it does).,

Keep in mind that @joebram has an X-carve with a diode laser. Most likely one of these goodies

Which one do you have installed on your machine @joebram?

His output is quite nice from a CNC router based diode laser.



I’m not criticizing, sorry if I sounded like that, but I’ve done a lot of fine work with my old 5.5w Aleksmaker (diode laser) even better than now with my CO2 laser, (the focal point is much less of a good diode).
But I know nothing about X-carve.

These where the first 2 things I did and had no clue what I was doing. They where also done on rough cut white oak. I dont have the settings.

I have the 7 w with the high efficiency lens

Very nice work Joe.
Thanks for sharing.
I also have the X carve and just recently installed the J-Tech 7 watt.
And, yes, it is fun isn’t it?

it sounds promising, who knows what you’re presenting when you know what you’re doing. :astonished:

Very good for the first few pieces, mine were…let’s say they weren’t long out of my bin…:wink::+1: