New top menu bar

Congratulations, the new top menu bar is great and hopefully many will see the easily accessible help documentation.


Part of yesterday’s forum updates :slight_smile:
I also installed some more plugins that I want to play with.

There’s more fun stuff too (try typing these phrases):

license portal


suggestion site

Rey, I’ve seen and tried the whole menu, everything works reliably fine. Sorry I only mentioned the help menu. I’m happy with your fine work, - with the whole menu :wink:

Not sure I understand, I’m sharing a different feature unrelated to the menu (auto linking keywords when typed in a post) :slight_smile:

ups, I went wrong but I now understand what you mean, I hope it relieves you with frequently asked questions :+1:

how many phrases have you made?

So far, these:

license management


suggestion site

license portal registration

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