New update - not recognizing my bed size

I have a blue & white Chinese STJ1390 100watt laser with a 36”x48” bed. Since updating the new version software all kinds of issues messed up my machine.
I have all resolved except 2 issues:
1.) the bed size is not being recognized. It’s only allowing the x-axis go to the middle of the gantry. (See photo…will only frame/cut within red box)
2.) it doesn’t seem like the beam is firing correctly. I have it set up for the settings I was running before the update and it’s not cutting through, engraving is not even scoring. (See 2 photos)

When the bed or workspace is reduced in size something serious has to have happened in settings.

Please share a screen capture of the whole LightBurn layout from your computer. Also, if you’ve used a rotary with your engraver in the last few months can you confirm that the rotary settings are turned off in your controller on your engraver.

You should be able to load the preferences file from before the update and have it work but let’s look and the main screen first.

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