New User and laser signal is off, worked yesterday, what do I do?

Using a TTP Laser, Ruida Controller on a Mac. Can anyone help me please?

Without you explaining exactly what’s wrong, no.

Well I thought I had… It says Laser signal off, goes through the motions of engrave/cut but doesn’t actually DO anything.

What says ‘laser signal off’?

@AlexandriaV, Welcome…we are here to help, but we need you to offer the greatest amount of detail as you can about what the issue is, what you have done to determine your thoughts, and the data that supports this. At a minimum, we try to get the following so we can “see” what you are observing. This is the only way we can provide suggestions and solutions for the issue(s) at hand. Otherwise, folks are just guessing, wasting everybody’s time, …and we don’t want that. :slight_smile:

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