New user and machine, machine is not responding

I bought a Bachin 2500MW from Amazon. I have a MacBook so I dowloaded Lightburn. But machine is not responding. I tried to follow the instructions of the youtube video, No luck. Anyone else had any luck getting it to work?

Do you know what the controller of this machine is?

You are correct, that’s part of the reason why I down loaded Lightburn. Their software does not work with Mac. There’s a youtube video of some one who is using a mac with this device and he said that this machine and the work around was to use Lighburn.

You might need a driver for it - The CH340 is commonly used by these controllers and I can’t recall if MacOS has a driver for those by default or not.

What you say “machine is not responding” that isn’t much to go on. Was it found by the device finder? If so, have you selected a USB port before trying to use it?

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