New user having issues

Hello there wondering if anyone can help, i was having issues with laser staying on during transitioning between cuts, I managed to solve this by turning $32=1. The issue I now have is that the laser will no not leave a burn on the wood, the laser cut lines are still set to 100%. I am using a 3018 self build beginners machine with added laser. Here is a list of my $$ for any reference.

Many thanks

Start here:

With a focus here:

I see you have $30=2000. We recommend $30=1000, but you can have it set differently, and you must have this match the S-value max in LightBurn.

And this post is worth your attention as well:

Hello yes i have now switched it to $30=1000 and matched s-value. Am I reading it correctly that i will just have to limit the speed setting of the cut and if so can you recommend a speed for cutting and for engraving.
many thanks jamie

Cutting and engraving what? The settings for cutting paper, as an example, would be very different from the settings needed to cut 1mm wood. The best is to set up test files for different materials and adjust these until you find the correct settings for your gear. You can then add that setting as one of the ‘Materials Library’ entries for easy recall when needed.

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