New User in the laser engraving field

Name is Bob, just purchased a 50w Chinese laser . I am located in Monessen Pa, about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh Pa. Don’t know anything about it, Do woodworking and purchased it to do a job. Am setting up the laser now, Stumbled across this software and it looks a lot easier than RD works which came with the machine. Also have a 4’x4’ shopbot and a shop full of woodworking machines. Hope to learn a lot on this forum


Bob, I just got into this myself. I agrees that this software is the best and well worth the money.

BTW- I have had a Shopbot since 2000. This will be a nice tool to your collection.

At least you won’t have the title as the last one to know what they are doing now :slight_smile: What kind of software you running for the shopbot? I’m running aspire and can at least export the files in a format that laser burn will understand


Still running the ShopBot control software on the machine. I bought the Vetric software about when it first came out and have been upgrading ever since. I have seen it improve so much through the years. I see the potential for LB to do the same for the laser.

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