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Hi all -

I’d be grateful for any assistance. I have a cheap Chinese laser cutter (blue and grey purchased on eBay). It’s been working great for me for year - using a MacBook pro and VMWare to emulate Windows to run the software.


I recently got a new MacBook Pro M1 Silicon that won’t run VMWare (different architecture). So I’ve been searching for a new solution and stumbled on LightBurn.

I downloaded the trial and have been having trouble connecting to my Laser. It comes up with nothing when I choose “find my laser” and I’m not sure what to choose when I try the “create manually” - none of the options look familiar.

There are no markings on my laser, but on the controller I found this: ZYE Laser MYJG50W

I’d be ever so grateful if anyone could give me some advice as to whether LightBurn could control my laser and if so, what settings I’d use.

Thanks so much.


The only search for this brings up a laser power supply. Based on this I assume you have a CO2 laser?

Can you take a picture of your control panel? Will give a clue as to what controller you have. LightBurn right now works with Ruida, Top Wisdom, and Trocen DSP controllers. There are sub-brands for these that may also work.

Incidentally, there are other emulation solutions that may allow you to boot x64 Windows on your computer. UTM is one of the easier ones.

UTM | Virtual machines for Mac (

Thanks so much for your willingness to help out. Yes, I have a CO2 laser. Below, I’ve uploaded a couple pictures that may help. I’d be grateful for any additional advice you might have.


Sorry, I forgot one additional image. This may or may not help.

Thanks again.


That’s almost certainly a Ruida controller and luckily very well supported in LightBurn. You have the choice of connecting through USB or Ethernet although USB has had many issues with Mac systems on Ruida controllers. I’d recommend Ethernet if you can. It looks like you already have ethernet connected to something.

Is it already on your network? If so, you can configure the controller as an Ethernet device in LightBurn.

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Thank you so much for that very helpful information. Using your advice, I was able to get my Laser connected and cutting once again. I’m grateful for your support.


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