New user speed too fast and what box adjusts power

Hi thanks for the add. I’m adrian from essex uk. I have a k40 and recently swapped from m2 to mini gerbil and lightburn

I originally used laserdrw then went to whisperer about a month ago.

I think I have the gist where you set the colour and from that colour you say engrave or cut similar to whisper within the red and black lines.
I tried a item I sell and it was running too fast maki g the machine be like r2d2 breakdancing so what is a decent speed to cut engrave. From whisperer I used 8mms cut and between 250 300 engrave. I changed settings But still seems to make no difference.

Also the items I use a font which comes out as a star sign (horoscopes) the previous software fully engraved it. This only did outlines

Another question is power as I saw a few boxes with power % (in the cut box, when you click on properties in the image and somewhere else) it seemed a but confusing what box to select

I’m not with my machine atm so this is from memory but hope ya know what I mean

Hi Adrian. If you’re new, my best suggestion would be to go through a couple of the project tutorials we have on YouTube to get familiar with the settings and how to use them. For the moment, your questions are all over the map a little bit, and somewhat confusing.

I think many of them will be answered in the video I’ve linked below, and then if you still have more, ask away.

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